A fresh perspective on skincare for the New Year

Audrey Klenke

It is the largest organ in the body and one that we learn to cherish as the years pass - our skin. Taking care of our skin is an investment, and one quite worthy of our time. Let's review the most common skin changes we all experience and how to combat them in the New Year. Sun spots: Also known as lentigines, these pesky blemishes are a dead giveaway of age. Prevent them from worsening with sunscreen SPF 30 or higher every day on all sun-exposed areas.
Many make-ups and moisturizers are loaded with sunscreen, making this step easy.
Laser treatments can also zap those brown spots into submission, and a topical ingredient called hydroquinone reduces the brown by blocking the enzyme required for your skin to make pigment in the first place.
Tip: Eliminate the brown on your face and hands to keep them guessing.
Fine lines: In-office procedures performed on a fairly regular schedule will keep your skin looking its best. Botox is a safe, quick option for relaxing muscles that cause lines when we scowl, smile or squint.
Chemical peels work to exfoliate the top layers of skin, revealing new skin underneath. HydraFacial is a relaxing treatment that infuses anti-aging or acne-fighting ingredients more effectively because it clears off the dead skin cells first.
Deep wrinkles: The hills and valleys of our face are often a result of weakening underlying support structures and
fat loss. While surgery is required to resuspend the face, volume loss can be corrected by in-office placement of fillers
under the skin.
Common areas are the lines around the mouth and nose, cheeks, lips, underneath the eyes, temples and the chin. Reinflating the proverbial skin balloon can yield a smoother, more youthful overall appearance.
Vitamin A: Many of you have heard of Retin-A and retinol. These Vitamin Abased products should be a part of nearly every skin care regimen.
They work to stimulate collagen production and encourage the skin cells to turn over faster, hence why most people
experience some peeling in the beginning.
Protecting, hydrating and nourishing the skin can seem like a daunting task, but just like any other commitment, our skin will reflect the energy we dedicate to it.
Let's gear up to give those 20-somethings a run for their money. Start off the New Year by seeing a plastic surgeon
who can create a unique plan just for you that focuses on prevention, treatment and eventually maintenance.

Dr. Audrey Klenke, the area's only female plastic surgeon, is the owner of Pinnacle Plastic Surgery. She is a member of the medical staff at both Beaufort Memorial Hospital and Hilton Head Hospital.