Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

Is our Beaufort County School Board in disarray again? In my 85th year, I have never witnessed such disregard for professional decorum and needed progress for our children.

Most recent disagreements among board members indicate they have learned nothing from past mistakes despite a history of chaos within their ranks. The humiliation centered around the former superintendent with an FBI investigation still going on, public disagreements and accusations among past and present board members, police called to a closed board meeting due to threats, two failed public referendums on school facility improvements, etc. All this negative publicity while South Carolina ranks next to last in the quality of our children's education; Beaufort is just a microcosm of such failure.

A message to our school board:

To our superintendent: You have inherited a festering situation that requires your immediate attention and expertise to help resolve.

To our board president: With leadership comes responsibility. It is your responsibility to lead while bringing your board to cooperative resolutions in all matters in the best interest of our children.

To the board members: It is your responsibility to be part of a positive effort to improve our schools in the best interest of our children. Stop the nit-picking with each other. Speaking to the media extraneously can cause unnecessary friction and misunderstanding, particularly when it becomes a personality issue. Your job should not be centered on apparent photo ops.

To the parents and public: Your active interest and participation can contribute to community awareness and progress for our school system. Get involved!

Our children, the nation's future.

Earle Everett

Moss Creek

To the Editor:

Our community has a lot to be thrilled about with the opening of the new Island Recreation Center on Jan. 7, a fantastic community center and resource for residents and visitors from preschoolers to seniors.

As president of the board of directors of the Hilton Head Island Recreation Association, I am excited about the future of recreation in our community.

Since opening Jan. 7, total participant visits at the Rec Center have more than tripled to more than 28,000. The Center added some 50 land and water fitness programs.

The afterschool program and summer day camp offer programming 252 days a year, along with 2,575 hours of preschool care. Hilton Head Island's only public pool is at the Rec Center.

The $13.2 million project was fully funded by the Town of Hilton Head Island; People for Parks raised $1.3 million to upfit the new building. Last year the Association provided $283,000 in scholarships for children.

The Association is a nonprofit founded in 1977 to provide unmet recreation needs on the island, and built the first recreation center in 1978 on Cordillo Parkway. A larger rec center was built by the Town on the current site in 1987 and expansion completed this year.

Recreation is a true community partnership. The Association has partnered with the Town of Hilton Head Island since it incorporated in 1983, which has allowed us to manage Town-owned parks and recreation facilities.

Over the years, we have increased programs and services for the 40,000-plus residents and 2.5 million visitors to the community.

We invite you to come by and see this outstanding new facility at 20 Wilborn Rd.

Mary Hall

President, Board of Directors

Island Recreation Association